Course curriculum

  • 1

    March 8 Week 1 The Fool & The Major Arcana Line 1 The Magician-The Chariot

    • Welcome Video

    • What is the Tarot?

    • Types of Cards

    • The Types of Cards Audio Lesson

    • Astrological, Planetary and Elemental Rulings Cheat Sheet

    • The Fool

    • The Major Arcana Line 1 The Magician- The Chariot

    • Working with a New Deck

    • Workbook Week 1

    • Line 1 Worksheets

    • Fool & Line 1 Quiz

    • Zoom Link & Schedule

    • Zoom Replay

  • 2

    March 15 Week 2: Major Arcana Line 2 Strength- Temperance

    • History of the Tarot

    • Expansion and Contraction

    • Major Arcana Line 2 Strength - Temeperance

    • Workbook Week 2

    • Line 2 Worksheets

    • Line 2 Quiz

    • Zoom Replay Week 2

  • 3

    March 22 Week 3 Major Arcana The Devil - The World Line 3

    • Reversals

    • Repeating Cards

    • Major Arcana Line 3 The Devil- The World

    • Birth & Year Cards

    • Workbook Week 3

    • Week 3 Worksheets

    • Week 3 Quiz

    • Zoom Replay

  • 4

    March 29 Week 4 Minor Arcana The Cups Suit Ace-10

    • Numerology Worksheet

    • Numerology

    • The Cups Suit Ace - 10

    • Spread for Repeating Cards

    • Workbook Week 4

    • Cups Suit Worksheets

    • Cups Quiz

    • Week 4 Zoom Replay

  • 5

    April 5 Week 5 Minor Arcana Wands Suit Ace-10

    • What kind of questions should I ask?

    • Yes & No Questions

    • Spread for Yes or No Questions

    • The Wands Suit

    • Workbook Week 5

    • Wands Suit Worksheets

    • Wands Suit Quiz

    • Zoom Replay

  • 6

    April 12 Week 6 Minor Arcana The Swords Suit Ace-10

    • Tarot & Timing

    • When will...?

    • The Swords Suit

    • Workbook Week 6

    • Swords Suit Worksheets

    • Swords Suit Quiz

    • Zoom Replay

    • Zoom Replay #2

  • 7

    April 19 Week 7 Minor Arcana The Pentacles Suit Ace-10

    • The Pentacles Suit

    • The Pentacles Worksheets

    • The Pentacles Workbook

    • Pentacles Suit Quiz

    • Intuition

    • Zoom Replay

  • 8

    April 26 Week 8 The Minor Arcana The Court Cards

    • How I Give a Reading

    • How I Give a Reading

    • The Pages

    • The Knights

    • The Queens

    • The Kings

    • The Court Cards Workbooks

    • The Court Cards Worksheets

    • The Court Cards Quiz


Tarot Read and Educator and Reiki Practitioner

Colleen McNally

Hello and Welcome! I am Colleen owner of Soul Magic Tarot and Healing. I am a tarot reader and educator and Reiki II Practitioner. I will be your guide along this journey. I offer you a different perspective on the tarot. A perspective that will serve you in a more soul driven way. Each card offers deep medicine to help us shed the ego, live more soulfully and align us with our soul path. Thank you for your trust in me and for your commitment to yourself. The tarot will help you unlock your greatest gift in this life!


  • What materials do I need for the course?

    You will need a Smith Rider Waite Tarot Deck or another version that is similar: Smith Rider Waite Centennial, The Rider Tarot Deck,The Melanated Classic Tarot, The Modern Witch, The Morgan Greer, African American Tarot, The Light Seers, Everyday Witch, The Urban Tarot, The Everyday Enchantment Tarot Please reach out if you need more suggestions. Notebook and a pen

  • Where can I purchase a tarot deck?

    You can do a google search for a metaphysical shop in your area. You can also try Amazon. Or if you prefer small business, Shop Everyday Magic is one of my favorite shops! There are a ton more online.

  • What if I don't keep up with the weekly lessons?

    This class is completely self paced and yours forever! The course material will be released as weekly drips. Which means only one lesson will be available each week. This will help you to not jump ahead or feel overwhelmed. But if something happens to come up, don't beat yourself up! You will get back to the material when you can.

  • What if I have questions?

    There will be a live Q & A each week to give you an opportunity to ask your questions! There is also a community board that will connect you to the other folks taking the course!

  • Will I learn how to do readings as well as the definitions?

    Sure will! Along with the card definitions, we will do hands on exercises to help you grow intuitive connections with the cards. We will start with one card readings and end with a ten card, Celtic Cross Spread.

Pricing options

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You want to learn the Tarot, right?!

This is your chance! By the end of this 8 Week course you will be confident with the card meanings and have a deeper connection with the cards that will allow you to read more intuitively. PLUS! You will have ME! supporting you each step of the way.